Northeastern Fire Associates, Inc.

Experience. Knowledge. Teamwork.


Northeastern Fire Associates is just that…

A team of arguably the finest fire service personnel our industry has ever assembled. Our staff ranges from career and volunteer fire chiefs and firefighters, private fleet vehicle technician to career department apparatus supervisor, Army Ranger veteran to public safety communications project manager - and that’s just the beginning. Need we say more? We have an extraordinary staff with the skills to keep your apparatus and equipment in operational readiness like no other service organization can.

Northeastern Fire’s “Associates” are equipped with the latest diagnostic software and literature needed to get the job done. Our personnel attend routinely attend factory training and participate in manufacturing advisory roles. Emergency Vehicle Technician (EVT) certification has been obtained by all our technicians and continuing education is regularly fostered.

Doesn’t your community deserve the Northeastern Fire advantage?

We can accommodate your vehicle in our safe, secure shop. We are happy to provide you with personalized attention and will work with your department from start to finish on your project; whether it is a custom refurb or a new truck order. We serve all six states in New England; Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.


Services we provide:

  • custom fire apparatus sales

  • pump testing

  • lighting upgrades

  • new pump install

  • tool install

  • pm’s

  • lettering and striping

  • aerial service

  • compartment mounting

  • radio installation