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TNT Rescue

TNT Rescue Systems


Having been one of the first fire equipment dealers in the region to introduce high pressure rescue systems to the market in the mid 1980’s, Northeastern Fire is well acquainted with the attributes of this equipment and the advantages. Since then, we have partnered with TNT Rescue of Wisconsin, we continue to lead with tools of the ultimate strength, speed and longevity first responders deserve!


American made and family owned, the manufacturing process matters! No shortcuts to appeal to the corporate shareholders, no supply chain hang-ups from the Asian suppliers, just good old fashioned value for your limited budget.  We are so confident in the quality of their manufacture, we offer the “FOREVER” warranty.  Think about that… total operational assurance!

The tools win the strength battle. Gas, electric, PTO drive, or battery powered, the performance will blow you away! Experience the power of TNT!